Warehousing & Distribution

BQS can provide dedicated or shared storage & warehousing structures suitable for any level of business.
With years of industry experience under our belt and our own dedicated equipment and qualified personnel at our disposal, w
e have every necessary tool to develop custom-plan storage solutions.

From upgrading of existing storage solutions to leasing and equipping warehouses we work to create the best solution to meet your needs.

Storage & Warehousing

  • Dedicated warehousing
  • Leased Storage
  • Custom-built warehousing
  • Storage Updating
  • Warehouse Design
  • Shared warehousing
  • Stockpiling

BQS provides storage solutions that improve efficiency & allow for changing circumstances, providing a market edge over the competition to quickly react & respond to critical situations in your business.

We understand that supply chains are only as efficient as their most time-consuming steps. As a result, we have developed a network of equipment and personal to support any of our customer’s requirements with little time lost.

Our team can work to develop, implement & manage any form of storage & warehousing solutions that best suits you.

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