Logistics Soulutions

Project Management & Development

Supply Chain Consultancy

Working with our experienced Project Managers we will assess various elements and conditions of your project, 
with focus on; product requirements, freight movements, vehicle configurations, scheduling & product management strategies. 
With a solution-focused approach, we configure the complexities of your project to your specifications developing optimal & efficient solutions to suit your business needs.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer confidential Project Management services. From idea conception through to creating onsite, efficient and productive solutions, BQS will be with you every step of the way.

Logistics Solutions

  • Bulk Haulage
  • Heavy Equipment movement
  • Construction Supplies delivery
  • Bulk Commodity transport
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Transfer from Storage

Following our solution-focused methodology, we tailor solutions to your requirements overcoming any complexities in your Logistical needs.

With a focus on road transport, BQS has a fleet of diverse equipment strategically located all over the eastern seaboard.
In addition to our fleet, we provide warehousing and storage solutions to further diversify & meet your needs.

We utilise this equipment outside our regular freight movements in support of projects we manage.
This flexibility allows you to quickly react with confidence & take advantage of critical decisions in your business.

We specialise in equipment to transport high volume commodities, that is commodities that are light in weight and require purpose-built high cubic capacity equipment to get the desired volumes of product in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Project Management

In collaboration with our experienced Project Managers and Operations Coordination teams, BQS will support you every step of the way. 

Our knowledgeable & experienced staff closely manage complex transport & logistics based projects daily. We know how to listen to your needs and concerns and develop efficient and effective solutions with you.

We work to optimise projects, identifying constraints we believe will have the most impact on productivity, maximising operational efficiency and maintaining expenses.

With a range of heavy equipment & skilled operators at our disposal, we streamline many of the smaller tasks in house, to ensure focus on the larger task at hand.

BQS has partnered & managed with a diverse range of industries and clients developing our experience across many different sectors allowing us to apply that first-hand knowledge to any new project we undertake.

  • Project Planning
  • Cost Modeling
  • Equipment procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Scheduling
  • Background Research
  • Permit Procurement
  • Research Analysis

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